Choosing a completely new HR software of changing to a new software may feel like cracking the nut. The whole process can be smoother if all options are left open by outlining the organizational needs and by looking for a modern, digital software to match these needs.

Various organizations have old HR software in use. The technology and architecture of the systems have shaped the organization to function in a certain way. Old systems have been developed according to old ways of working. These are hard to get rid of. Earlier the software could be under planning stage so long that the world and needs changed in the meantime. Now the modern software allow HR to tailor the ways of working.

HR in the cloud with easy integration
Cloud service allows scaling of the software when the number of employees grow and secures the suffice of the capacity. Cloud service suits both small and large organizations as well as international corporations. International security standards comply with data security and protection. Ease of integration is one key selection criteria. HR software is often integrated to existing, maybe old payroll software and the whole picture should be carefully monitored. In addition, the deployment should be a smooth process. Images of old historical long and enduring deployments live long but modern, agile software are easy to deploy. Modern software can be deployed module by module and extended when needed. Also large organization benefit from modularity.

Modern HR software allow HR people to step front from back office work. All employees can use the software. Various user roles can be crated to managers, HR and employees. Now HR can take an active role in the business as time can be allocated the supporting the managers and development work. New transparent software allow employees to monitor their own information and the HR software is no more a so called secret archive. The next generation HR solution brings together people, technology and processes as a one well working ensemble.

Check list for choosing the right software: cloud service, modern technology, integration and deployment, modularity, user roles.

Olli Hyppänen, COO

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