A few examples of our customers


”Flexibility of the software and user-friendliness were our prime criteria when selecting HR software. Solaforce’s HCM software also brings complete transparency to the management of the whole employment lifecycle in our organization”

Lotta Naumanen, Manager, HRD, Laakkonen Yhtiöt


“We wanted to update our previous HR system to a more modern software with comprehensive features which scale up with our needs as our company grows and developes. Solaforce’s HR software enables full transparency and our employees can use the software as self-service”

Ilari Lipsonen, Talent & Culture Lead, ALSO Finland


“We needed an HR software which supports our strategic know-how and performance management on global level in local languages. In addition, there was a need to streamline the management and transfer of employee information in Finland. We chose Solaforce because it scales up on international level and is easy to use”

Antti Uski, HR Director, Kiilto Family


“Our company has production in 11 and sales offices in 20 different countries. We needed a reliable, modern HR software which can be used in local languages and scales according to our international needs”

Arttu Lindroos, Group HR Manager, Teknos Group Oy


“We have been a satisfied customer over a year already. Now we have an agile, modern HR software in use which allows us to work and grow internationally in the best possible way”

Jaana Kortelainen, HR Manager, Digital Workforce Services


”We are a strongly developing growth company and needed an agile HR software. Now we have one centralized location where it is easy to find all employee information needed. Also managers have full visibility to their own teams and holiday management”

Susanna Grundström, HR Director, Nordcloud

“It was important for us to have an HR software in use where information is automatically transferred between working time tracking system, payroll and HR software. Now development discussions are smooth to carry out and our managers have an excellent daily working tool”

Maarit Rantala, Vice President, Finance and Administration, Mylab Oy



Our customers value high performance with innovative approach

Solaforce HCM solution is reliable: Our cumulative 2017 uptime was 99.9%.

Our solution has thousands of users around the world. Our next generation solution provides high performance and functionality globally to all users. There is wide selection of user languages:  Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian and more is coming!




Solaforce HCM solution has thousands of users around the world. Wide selection of user languages makes sure that the use is simple and easy to access. The next generation HCM solution is easy to deploy globally.

Industry-independent solution

The solution is suitable for all industries and business sectors due to its design focusing on common HCM needs. Our customers are from wide range of industries e.g. building, software, IT, retail and manufacturing industries.

Who needs Human Capital Management solutions?

With the Solaforce HCM solution our customers can combine efficient human resource activities with business development. Overall company strategy can play a more direct role in everyday workforce management and future human capital management planning to enhance business growth and success.

Motivated and talented people are every company’s best assets in today’s business world. So why wouldn’t every company do their best to lure the best new talents on their payroll and take a good care of their current people?


Solaforce HCM assists with these employment stages:

  • Recruiting and new employee processes
  • Talent, education and training management
  • Gathering information throughout the employment lifecycle
  • Managing rewarding
  • Monitoring workload and work satisfaction
  • Reporting to different departments

HCM Solution

Why choose a HCM solution?

Employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Efficient human capital management is central to guiding business growth and planning for future needs. The Solaforce HCM solution provides a platform for companies to track employment data from the beginning of recruiting process. This solution is a multipurpose tool for many different departments to use in supporting the company’s development.



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