Solaforce HR solution for Small Business

Solaforce HR software is ideal solution for SMBs allowing them to keep better track on what’s going on in their company and manage their workforce on it’s best level. See how the next generation hcm solution can help your business to simplify processes and empower your best asset: people.

Gain total visibility into your HR

We’ve built our HR software together with HR professionals. Solaforce HR software provides a clear visual interface that allows you to take actions, remain organized and stay in control of your company’s HR.


  • Gives you clarity where you need it most
  • Lets you easily find the information you are looking for
  • Is easy and intuitive to use
  • Brings your company’s HR to next level without high costs





All-in-One HR software for SMB’s

  • All the basic data and employment life cycle in one place
  • Development and performance management
  • Organization charts
  • Easy-to-use software that works in every devices


Why to choose Solaforce solution for SMBs?

Basic data

All employee data in a one place. Manage personal information, update employees’ information, education history and development plans.

Keep track on absences

Easy to use absence calendar that provides up to date information about absences based on teams, units etc.

Kokonaisvaltainen HR-järjestelmä

Easy access across all devices

It doesn’t matter if you are using laptop or mobile devices. Easy to use user interface makes it possible to use HR software from all the devices.

 Organization charts and internal address book

Create, edit and manage your organization chart and use personnel contact information as an internal address book.

Create reports to develop and support business decisions

High performance analytic tools help you to create your own reports when needed. Multiple ready to use reports and dashboards give you an excellent view of your daily business.

Cloud solution that fits your needs

As an next generation cloud solution it provides easy access from all over the world, multiple user languages and easy to user interface combined with high performance capacity.

Kokonaisvaltainen HR-järjestelmä


Our customers value high performance with innovative approach

Easy to set up, no credit card needed! Start today and bring your HR to next level with Solaforce HR software.

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