Does your HR software lead you to 2020?

What does leadership in digital era mean to HR departments? Leadership in digital era in HR means access to real-time employee data on absences, training days and performance, to mention a few. HR should be able to search and analyze data easily. Precondition for analytics is real-time data and possibility to form various kinds of analyses for different purposes. Analytics as such does not add any value but its right use for right purposes makes the difference.

Analytics mean daily leadership. HR and managers can monitor organizational situations and development needs from different viewpoints when data can be handled and organized in several ways. Data can be modeled to reflect various budget and organization schemes as well as short and long term plans. Real-time information on personnel structure supports the business and helps to see bottlenecks and resource needs. Reports on paid salaries and absences are easy to collect for budgeting. Information for various official reports, for example for annual reports, can be searched by age, gender and employee groups.
Daily work becomes smoother and more efficient when employees and managers can create reports of their own teams, development discussions and for example of salary raises as self-service. Real-time indicators make leadership more transparent and static excel sheets become history.

HR – the inspirer
All organizations face changes caused by digitalization but it may take time to change the organizational culture. Analytics is needed in all departments to ensure smooth and efficient flow of work. HR can stand up as the trailblazer of leadership in digital era to pave the way for organizations to be able to develop.

Olli Hyppänen, COO

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