Solaforce HCM solution: automated intelligence

Solaforce’s modern HCM solution serves the whole organization. Automation and modern HR software enable new ways of working. Self-service increases smooth user experience, creates transparency and reliability. Data is always up-to-date.

Solaforce HCM solution for modern HRIS

HR solution to automate your whole employment lifecycle!

In the unique manager workspace advanced reports are only a few clicks away. Summarized information with easy access to support manager's daily task for example absences management. Quick view to the most important analytics, reports and announcements. Modern HRIS solution sends automatic notifications and alerts to make sure you are always on top of tasks.

HR unit can get rid of excels and notes and can automate processes. Our digital HR software supports in combining performance, engagement, well-being and building company culture.

Solaforce HCM covers the whole employment lifecycle from on-boarding to off-boarding. It is easy to build interfaces with other systems.

Solaforce HCM performance and development in HRIS


All employment data in one place

Keep all data up to date during the whole employment lifecycle.
From the start of recruiting process and during the whole employment you can keep everything in one place. Enter data once and integrations keep information moving as needed. All the documents and forms together with e-signatures are in one solution. Access everywhere at any time with any devices. Users can see their own information, absences and development plans and discussions. Gives more visibility to different processes and adds reliability through workflows. 

Solaforce HCM all people data
Solaforce HR-järjestelmä mobiilisti kaikkialla

Worktime management as a part of HCM solution 

Follow worktime accumulation and dividing.
SolaTime is Solaforce worktime management tool that works as a part of HRIS solution. It provides wide range of functions to support your business and workforce management. As SolaTime works part of Solaforce HCM solution you don’t need any other solution. Sign in and out through any devices.

Workspace specially designed for managers and HR

To automate daily routines and tasks. Workspaces make reporting and analytics easier for managers and HR.
View ready to use workspaces or create your own based on your own needs. Create, modify, or take actions in one screen with all the needed analytics and reports in the same view. For managers we have added tools to help with salary reviews, absence and performance management. For HR workspace brings key figures and other analytics to make sure everything goes smoothly. 

Solaforce HCM solution workspace and analytics
Solaforce HCM performance and development in HRIS

Development and performance 

Manage talents, trainings, development plans and performance management in one place.
At the Solaforce HCM you can manage all performance, development, and training related information. At the comprehensive training feature, you can manage both internal and external training calendar. Track training information and possible expiration dates easily. Make development plans and make sure you have enough know-how to keep your organization running. Managers and HR can manage performance and development processes and discussions as a whole and make sure everything is aligned. Employees have easy access to these discussions and can take a part as needed.

Extensive reporting and analytics

Collect and connect information to create next level reports and analytics of your organization.
Ready to use report templates which users can modify, and filter as needed make reporting easy and extensive. Just couple clicks and you can get all the information in report mode as you need. You can also create ready to use graphic reports for presentations. Different user roles have different visibility to reporting which makes it easy to use. 

Solaforce HCM reporting
2022_Solaforce HCM_2

Recruiting and onboarding 

One place to handle all recruiting’s and onboardings together with automation.
Automated processes to request recruiting permit, application management and processing. Communicate with your applicants and make sure GDPR legislation is in full force. Onboarding processes that you can build to answer your organization’s needs. Make sure your new employees feel welcome! Offboarding processes are also part of Solaforce HCM solution.

Planning and Talent Management

Career and successor planning to meet strategic needs of every organization.
Make talent management planning easier with well working tool. Reporting and analytics create the next level data to support decision making process. View your organization in different scenarios and find possible talent risks. 

Solaforce HCM solution with modern features
solaforce HCM HRIS solution mobile

Surveys to all needs 

With SolaSurvey you get the real pulse of your organization.
Easy to use SolaSurvey makes questionnaires and surveys easy to make and even easier to answer. Publish quick pulse surveys as well comprehensive 360 employee surveys inside your HCM solution. You can target your surveys with wide range of parametric. And after you have gotten your answers, you can report them easily in presentations as you can get reports both in excel and in graphical format. Get to know your people even better!

Organization in one place

Creates visual layout of your organization.
Create, edit and modify organization tree as you need. At the Solaforce HCM solution you have easy to use organization tree to visualize your people. Organization tree can easily be used in the presentations and other materials. 



  • No more manual routines

    Automate your processes and make work more effective.

  • Latest, modern technology

    The next generation modern HRIS solution as a cloud service with intuitive and attractive user interface.

  • Extensive reporting and analytics

    To support decision making.

  • Always available

    Self-service to all users 24/7.

  • Easy integrations

    Integrations to other systems make it easier to handle information.

  • Suitable to all businesses

    Scales according to company needs with all the employment data in one place.

  • One sophisticated software

    Covers the whole employment lifecycle. Data centrally available and always up-to-date.

  • Centralized management

    Coherent processes through the organization.

  • Effective way of thinking

    We are working to provide the best service.

  • Secure

    Meets international security standards for demanding and comprehensive use. GDPR compliant.

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Our pricing is based on employee headcount and selected service level. There are no added device costs or other surprises.

We are always improving our solution to make sure our customers have the latest technology at their service. One of the benefits of a cloud-based service is that all Solaforce customers get the newest updates to make sure everything runs smoothly.


We want to help and support our customers with all the issues related to getting started, setting up integrations and day to day use. This is our way to ensure that customers have the best user experience, and everything runs as smoothly and easily as we promise.

Consultation and integration

Integration to many existing systems is possible through ready to use integration interface. It is one of our goals to deliver a solution that provides good synergies with each customer’s existing service mix.

Consultation services are available for customers if needed. For example for custom integrations, data import and so on.


Even though our user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, training can help with getting the most effective use of the system from the start. We always arrange training for primary users and offer training to other users if needed.

Our qualified professionals have a long history with the solution and wide experience in different business fields

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