Next generation Human Capital Management solution to support your business plan

Now it is possible to develop and strengthen your business through HCM. Solaforce HCM is a smart solution that makes it possible to manage, store, follow and analyze information more easily than before. With one solution you can manage your employee information path from early recruiting through the full duration of employment at your company. Solaforce HCM is a scalable solution which can be integrated with already existing solutions.

Benefits of Solaforce HCM

  • One solution to simplify HR management
  • Better human resource management benefits company’s business
  • Bring both company strategic and employee personal goals to guide your everyday work
  • Engage with your employees
  • Born in the cloud solution that doesn’t require complex on-site installations
  • High performance solutions that is available 24/7 around the world with unlimited scalability
  • Integrations made easy through ready to use interface


Solution with the capacity to work everywhere and in multiple languages

This genuinely born in the cloud solution doesn’t run out of capacity, due to its global cloud-based deployment. As a scalable solution it fits for larger companies needs as well. Fast and cost efficient deployment with training means you can start right away.

Guide everyday work based on company strategy

This modern HCM solution will ease the workload on the human resource department. And across the entire company it provides you with new tools to analyze workload and follow your workforce’s ability to fulfill goals efficiently.

Performance management and resource allocation

Set goals on a company level as well on personal and team levels. Use the knowledge-based planning feature to ensure your best talents are working on the right issues.

Organization changes and development

Collect and manage information about your organization with an easy to use organization chart. Change or add multiple organization trees as you like and update them whenever needed.

All contact information as an address book

No more separate address book that needs updating because now you have all needed contact information in one place.

Absence management

Now you are able to see the full picture of leaves of absence across your entire workforce as well as plan for upcoming ones.


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