We provide services to ease the journey

We want to help and support our customers with all the issues related to getting started, setting up integrations and day to day use. This is our way to ensure that customers have the best user experience and everything runs as smoothly and easily as we promise.

Training services to help in the beginning

Even though our user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, training can help with getting the most effective use of the system from the start. We always arrange training for primary users and offer training to other users if needed.

Our qualified professionals have a long history with the solution and wide experience in different business fields.

Consulting and integration services to help you

Integration to many existing systems is possible through ready to use integration interface. It is one of our goals to deliver a solution that provides good synergies with each customer’s existing service mix.

Consultation services are available for customers if needed. For example for custom integrations, data import and so on.

Support services to help you when needed

Contact our support service with your issues, feedback or concerns.

Solaforce support service is available during regular office hours.

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