Experience merged with modern thinking

Experience with old systems and their non-existing usability gave rise to the idea that an HR solution could be done differently. Extensive and diverse experience in international business as well as with software and cloud service solutions guided the Solaforce HCM development process from the beginning. As a solution, Solaforce’s next generation HCM software is a user-friendly service built to support companies in today’s competitive business world.

Extensive experience in modern software design and cloud infrastructure provides us with the tools to build a genuinely user-friendly solution backed by an industrial-strength implementation. As a cloud service Solaforce HCM is always available with the latest updates to all our customers.

Innovative thinking to create a next generation human resource tool without typical usability and capacity problems.

Created and developed together with HR professionals to answer today’s and tomorrow’s human capital management needs.



Coherent solution – all steps to support your business’s growth

Easy to use – a next-generation solution that works on all devices without complex installation processes or training

Global – multiple language options and guaranteed capacity on a global cloud platform

Connectivity – integrates with other solutions through existing interfaces

Suitable for all businesses – an industry independent solution which scales based on company’s headcount

Visionary – ongoing development process aimed at providing the best available solution for today and tomorrow

Secure – a highly scalable, reliable platform built to comprehensive security standards

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