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Solaforce - Experience merged with modern thinking

At the Solaforce we deliver the next generation all-in-one HCM solution. Solaforce HCM solution combines HR master data, core HR functions, performance, and development together with versatile modern HR features such as reporting and analytics. Our personnel possess decades of experience in innovating and developing software solutions and service business.

With Solaforce our customers can be sure to get all the needed help and support with their people data and processes in every step. Our solution has been created and developed together with HR professionals to answer both todays and tomorrow’s human capital management needs. We are agile and development orientated company that focuses to provide the next generation HRIS software to keep our customers on top of the digital HR.

With our experience we have clear guidelines to develop just the right HCM solution that our customers truly need. With exceptionally great design it provides the best tools for managers to lead their teams. HR gets better insights through reporting and all employees have access to their own data with self-service if needed. We automate processes to help HR and managers with day to day tasks as well with long term planning and development.

The whole employment lifecycle in one solution

Solaforce HCM solution is fully born in the cloud to answer all our customers’ needs. We are reliable partner to our customers and always aim to implement the best HCM solution to answer customer organization needs. Wide selection of features that aren’t found in other software’s bring our customers ahead of their people functions. Together we can build just the right HCM solution for your needs. Read more about the various features and opportunities of modern HCM solution.

We help our customers to gain a wanted and modern employer brand through digital solutions. We provide exceptionally good and fluent user experience to every user. This makes HCM solution part of daily tasks and management. Lead with the modern technology and get the best out of it.


  • Solaforce HRIS solution digitalizes the whole HR – Get rid of excels.
  • The whole employment lifecycle in one solution – Easier access and data handling for HR and managers.
  • Create digital processes that are equal through every level of your organization.
  • Easy integrations to other solutions.
  • Solaforce HCM solution is truly born in the cloud.
Solaforce HCM solution for modern HRIS

Solaforce merges together experience with modern thinking

Extensive and diverse experience in international business and cloud service solutions guided the Solaforce HCM solution development process from the very beginning. With Solaforce HCM solution you can get rid of excels and enhance your reporting and planning in every level. In our modern HCM solution you can find everything your organization needs to manage your people data in one place and support your people management processes through the whole organization. Modern next generation features are of course also available in mobile with intuitive user friendly interface.

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Solaforce HCM solution is a modern HRIS solution

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