Solaforce HCM software: automated intelligence

Solaforce’s modern HR software serves the whole organization. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable new ways of working. Self-service increases smooth user experience, creates transparency and reliability. Data is always up-to-date.

HR-järjestelmä kaikkiin liiketoiminnan tarpeisiin

Digitalize your HR processes and get rid of excels!

In the unique manager workspace advanced reports are only a few clicks away. It is easy to compile training day and absence reports. Analytics is tightly connected with reporting. The software sends automatic notifications and alerts.

HR unit can get rid of excels and registers and to automate processes. Our digital software supports in combining performance, engagement, well-being and building a smooth culture.

Solaforce HCM covers the whole employment life-cycle from on-boarding to off-boarding. It is easy to build interfaces with productized API connections for example to payroll and time management systems.

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Self-service creates smooth user experience in real-time

Digitalization emphasizes the importance of a smooth employee experience. Solaforce HCM allows self-service to all employees 24/7 by any device. All users can see their basic information as well as trainings, absences, holidays and development discussions. It is easy to apply for holidays and see vacation day balance. Self-service keeps the data always up-to-date and allows HR to free time for strategic work. Processes become transparent and increase trust.



Manage your competence information and development

Accelerating development pace may require new competencies fast. In Solaforce HCM it is easy to manage competencies, skills and training information as well and development plans. All employees can update their basic information about education, internal and external trainings attended and other competencies. Various target levels to different competencies can be set with development plans and career paths. Managers and HR unit can quickly compose reports of team and company level development plans.



Set and follow-up your goals and well-being

Goal setting and follow-up of performance can be monitored in Performance module.  Employees and managers can conduct goal and performance discussion to set basis for evaluation discussions.

Companies are competing of skilled employees and fluent manager performance is gaining in importance. Company well-being can be tracked by company pulses.



Combine and analyze information in graphical format on various organizational levels

Analytics is connected to reporting and intelligent reports in graphical format are only a few clicks away. Various reports can be compiled under different user profiles. It is easy for managers to compose reports about team members, absences, skills and training days. HR can compile information about geographical split of personnel, age-composition, attrition rate, salary changes, absences and open positions.

It is easy to compose and analyze data as well as present it in graphical format to support decision making.



Centralized management and smooth automatic recruitment processes

Recruitment permissions and applications are collected in one central portal for smooth management. The portal can be tailored according to company look and feel and used to build brand. Automatic reply messages can be sent to applicants in various recruitment phases and if needed to inform about GDPR regulations.



Career and successor planning to meet various strategy scenarios

Solaforce HCM includes a comprehensive career and successor planning functionality based on competencies. Organization can be monitored against various strategic options to track possible bottle necks and competence gaps. It is easy to visualize successor charts on different organizational levels and make required training plans.


  • No more manual routines

    automate your processes and make work more effective

  • Latest, modern technology

    predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). New generation software as cloud service with intuitive and attractive user interface.

  • Advanced reporting and analytics tool

    get rid of excels.

  • Available despite time, location and device

    Self-service to all users 24/7.

  • Easy integrations

    handy to maintain and up-date to other software through productized API connections.

  • Suitable to all businesses and industries

    scales according to company needs.

  • One sophisticated software

    covers the whole employment life-cycle to develop personnel and support business growth. Data centrally available and always up-to-date.

  • International

    can be used on domestic market and in globally functioning companies in 17 different languages.

  • Trailblazer

    Solaforce is constantly developing to provide the best possible service to our customers.

  • Secure

    meets international security standards for demanding and comprehensive use. GDPR compliant.

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Our pricing is based on employee headcount and selected service level. There are no added device or software costs or other surprises.

We are always improving our solution to make sure our customers have the latest technology at their service. One of the benefits of a cloud-based service is that all Solaforce customers get the newest updates without any extra updating or need for IT involvement.


We want to help and support our customers with all the issues related to getting started, setting up integrations and day to day use. This is our way to ensure that customers have the best user experience, and everything runs as smoothly and easily as we promise.

Consultation and integration

Integration to many existing systems is possible through ready to use integration interface. It is one of our goals to deliver a solution that provides good synergies with each customer’s existing service mix.

Consultation services are available for customers if needed. For example for custom integrations, data import and so on.


Even though our user interface is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, training can help with getting the most effective use of the system from the start. We always arrange training for primary users and offer training to other users if needed.

Our qualified professionals have a long history with the solution and wide experience in different business fields

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