Digital era opens vast amounts of possibilities. Business functions need to re-think their processes to respond to rapidly changing needs. Technology will not eliminate any functions but help them to shift from manual work to more supportive tasks. This applies also HR departments. Digitalization is not a blurry echo of challenges, on the contrary it can become to true partner for HR to be able to re-define its role.

Cloud solutions are gaining ground in business solutions. Typically, HR software in use dates back many years with old architecture and technology. Along with other business units applying modern software also HR should be one of the firsts to join in. A modern cloud based HR software allows various user profiles enabling employees to have a positive user experience when being able to see and handle their own data. This is a means to companies and HR to engage employees and contribute to the success of the company. Transparency creates trust and commitment.

HR’s role can be re-defined as all the strategic HR functionalities are smooth to handle in a modern system from onboarding to offboarding.

Tips to check if your HR system supports your journey to re-define:

The next generation HR system brings together people, technology and processes as a one well working ensemble that provides much needed support to HR management. HR can re-define its role, step up as the visionary trailblazer of digitalization and support the organization.


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