HR and modern way of working

Digitalization and automatization create modern ways to work and develop duties. New skills are constantly needed, and their ranking is evolving. When correctly utilized, technology can replace manual routine work allowing employees to concentrate on more meaningful and productive duties. For HR this means replacing number of separate excel sheets, documents and folders by one HR software. Having all information in one single software, it is easy for HR to support managers, organization and businesses.

In a company there may be hundreds of excel sheets in use containing information about different business units, for example about HR. Information can be collected verbally or by separate pieces of papers for somebody to fill in the excels. Various versions are sent back and forth in the company. Version management becomes a time-consuming burden. Is this the way your HR department functions?

Dispose of excel sheets

HR processes are easy to digitalize and automatize. When the basic HR data is transferred from excel sheets into the HR software, interfaces can be built to other software in use, for example to payroll. Implementation of the HR software is planned and scheduled together with different parties involved. Then all HR-related information is available in one software to all users all the time. Availability of real-time information enables smooth reporting.

Modern HR software covers employment lifecycle from recruiting to the end of employment. Artificial intelligence in the software supports managers by producing predictive analysis. For example, potential resignations can be identified and required actions taken. Intelligent analytics and planning enable drilling into company headcount, personnel groups, successor planning, performance and rewarding statistics, trainings and other relevant information. Then it is easy to compile various kinds of reports.

Does your present HR software support the following features, check and tick:

• Artificial intelligence
• Control of the entire employment lifecycle
• Intelligent reports and indicators
• Availability despite time, location and device
• Required languages

The next generation HR system brings together people, technology and processes as a one well working ensemble that provides much needed support to HR management. HR can re-define its role, step up as the visionary trailblazer of digitalization and support the organization.

Author: Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing and Communications Manager

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