Shift from an excel administrator to the real business partner

HR has access and needs to monitor a vast amount of data covering the whole employment life cycle from recruitment on off-boarding. HR serves the whole organization including a large scale of different tasks: HR supports employees and managers, answers daily HR-related questions, develops and maintains HR processes and tools. How can HR’s services add value to the organization in digital era?

HR’s role as a services provider starts by acquiring a modern and well-function HR software, which is the backbone of HR’s digital services. HR receives daily questions about vacation balance, salaries, development discussions and various other matters. HR can skip this time-consuming burden if all data has been collected from excel sheets to one digital software allowing employee self-service. Processes become transparent to all user groups. HR can free time to support managers and take the role of a real business partner.

HR plays a crucial role in competence development in the company strategic planning. Successor planning and career paths are easy to outline in a digital HR software. This prevails possible competence gaps and actions can be taken on employee and business levels. Various kinds of reports can be compiled in real-time for planning purposes. Above all, HR can secure that there are right people in right positions.

A modern, digital HR software enables handy outlining and planning of business changes. Successor planning and organizational structures can me modified on-the-fly and monitor the impacts. Internal well-being reflects customer satisfaction directly. It is easy to carry out internal pulse surveys, examine and results and drill into possible problem areas.

Modern HR software can produce extensive data from the following modules:
• People
• Rewarding
• Performance
• Development
• Analytics
• Collaboration
• Organization
• Recruiting
• Planning

A modern HR software is always on and available despite time, location and devices. Services provided by HR are easy to use which makes them attractive and call for action. HR is able to use the same language and act as a real business partner. Smooth cooperation and agile software impact directly the operational result of the company.

Author: Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing and Communications Manager

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