A modern HR software enables self-service

An HR professional can load the working day by filling in excel sheets, sending recurring emails and tracking latest versions. When one employee concentrates on a few tasks and the other on different tasks nobody knows the whole picture. If processes are not automated it is the HR department who carries out all the routines. It does not sound very effective, does it?

Digital transformation means applying digital technologies in practice which has a strong impact on businesses, the society, all organizations, customers and above all on employees (source: IDC). A modern HR software manages employment lifecycle from recruitment to the end of the employment. Employees can use it as self-service allowing managers concentrate more on managerial duties and development.

In Solaforce’s extensive reporting module managers can monitor competencies needed in business, react on possible deficiencies and make plans. Successor planning module enables agile planning to meet various strategic options and to seek relevant information required. Predictive analytics monitors and alerts of potential resignations to take actions. Thorough the modern pulse survey tool managers can drill into the well-being of the company for discussions. Employee self-service makes it easier to manage holiday calendars and absences.

With the help of a modern software and tools managers can concentrate on planning of the future and forget about registering past activities. It is also easier to evaluate the impact of various HR projects on the development of the business.

Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing and Communications Manager

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