Fast changes require agile actions

Fast changing environment, ways of working and evolving trends make it challenging to keep up with development. Prevailing trends in HR are digitalization, data-based reporting and analytics, growing importance of employee experience, well-being and managerial work. Is your organization able to work in an agile way and support your competitiveness to acquire customers and employees.

Competitiveness is built, among other things, upon internal effectiveness, processes, tools and software in use. Important duties for HR are information analytics, measurement, reporting, collaboration and development. Solaforce’s modern HCM software allows you to act in an agile way.

Agile HR software is the core

One of the most important duties of HR is to automate processes and get rid of unnecessary manual work. A modern HR software sets common working rules by itself and HR can guide employees to self-service. Positive user and employee experience and transparency will gain ground as data is always up-to-date and available 24/7 despite time, location and devices. HR can work as a strategic partner f it is able to analyze data, personnel performance and measure productivity.

Fast changes require HR to be able to use data to analyze employees’ competences and enable job rotation. Comprehensive data allows team-specific performance reviews and planning of actions needed. Future bottlenecks can be prevented and secure operational activity at needed level. Agile HR is able to compile reports fast to support business and strategic choices. Unusual circumstances and fast changes can be easily handled.

Does your present HR software allow you to work in such an agile way?

Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing and Communications Manager

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