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Experience merged with modern thinking

Solaforce HCM was developed straight as a cloud service to meet the demands of present business needs. Extensive and diverse experience in international business and with software as well as cloud service solutions guided the Solaforce HCM development process from the beginning. Our personnel possesses extensive educational backgrounds, knowledge and decades of experience in innovating and developing software and service business.

Our software has been created and developed together with HR professionals to answer today’s and tomorrow’s human capital management needs. Now Solaforce HCM is the most modern software to offer the perfect tools for present HCM work.

We automate HR processes to free HR’s time from routine tasks to more productive duties. We help our clients to profile themselves as an attractive employer through digital tools. We produce a smooth user experience. Our software has over 10 000 users globally.

Our vision is to be the most advanced HR software internationally.

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