How are the words ‘routines’- ‘machine learning’- ‘predictive intelligent analytics’ – ‘user experience’ and ‘HR’s added value to business’ connected?

Digitalization is commented everywhere. A good question to be asked is that what is the purpose of digitalization and what does it mean to HR? The purpose of digitalization is to raise the quality of work, efficiency and service level. In addition, automatization of routine work frees time to strategic work. Paper- and time-based services are outdated.

HR is a strategic service function serving employees and managers. Routine work, for example inserting and searching for information retroactively consume HR’s valuable time in vain. HR understands users’ needs and can make digitalization specs for HR function from this point of view. Digitalized HR function and agile HR software enable automatization of routines to concentrate on actual strategic specialist work and add value. Also, human manual errors can be avoided.

Available, actual data forms the base to a company’s strategic directions, outlines and operational activities. HR’s role is to manage and analyze HR data. Modern HR software allows employee self-service to fill in and produce his/her own HR data for example to development discussions. An agile HR software is usable any place and any time in mobile devices improving user and employee experiences.

Predictive analytics

HR’s role through competence development in strategic planning is crucial. Managers can make organizational plans, outline career paths and schemes in a modern HR system to correspond to broader strategic views improving competitiveness. Managers are the key persons to pave the way to promote digitalization through own positive user experience.

Predictive analytics enable outlining HR-related risk scenarios. For example, unwanted potential resignations can be early identified and needed actions taken. Company head count, personnel groups, successor planning, performance and rewarding statistics, trainings and other information can be monitored and reported through intelligent planning functionality. HR and managers can drill into report and information details to view and guide the company performance.

Digitalization is not complicated but it makes complicated matters simpler. Digitalization as such is not an absolute value but all the possibilities it brings can make a difference. A modern, agile software allows HR to take up the role of a strategic partner to support managers, add value to business and improve company competitiveness.

Author: Jaana Sirkiä, Marketing and Communications Manager

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