How to lead your people management on the next level with the actual HR data? Support managers in their daily tasks and provide them the right analytics and reports that they actually need.

As a modern HRIS solution, Solaforce HCM solution provides the next level analytics and dashboards to help you lead with data. Intelligent workspaces are created specially to provide important information and collect the main functionalities into one easy to access workspace. You can use the default ones or create a new personal one to match you needs.

In Solaforce HCM managers will find their key figures, the most used functions, and lots more new insights about their teams. Provide the best support for every manager’s daily tasks. For the HR we have designed multiple new features that provide information and insights to keep you on top of your business decisions. All the data connects with automation to provide the next level user experience. Read more about our Solaforce HCM solution’s next generation features.

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