Automate your whole employment lifecycle by a modern, all-in-one Human Capital Management cloud solution

Digitalize your HR processes and get rid of excels!

New generation Solaforce HCM meets the requirements of international HR needs from on-boarding to off-boarding.

We help you to work easier, smoother, smartly and more effectively!

We use latest technologies: predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) - get rid of routines and free time for strategic work and to support businesses.

Our intelligent software automates recruitment, on-boarding, trainings and several other HR processes. Intelligent analytics enable easy and extensive reporting for planning. Easy-to-use dashboards give actual information about company activities.

moderni hr-järjestelmä

Cloud services scale up to your changing needs

Our software scales to large, international enterprises. We have separate, modular functionalities to small companies.
In our modern software all HR processes are combined into one fluent HR management service.
Enjoy smooth user experience as self-service – for managers, employees and HR unit.

Service available despite time, device or location 24/7 – let the software work for you.

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