All-in-one Human Capital Management cloud solution

Manage your workforce to its best level and make your company strategy a part of everyday action with the new Solaforce Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.

Solaforce HCM is reliable: Our cumulative 2017 uptime is 99.9%.

The Solaforce HCM solution combines employment, development and performance management together with analysis, planning and reporting to provide an all-in-one next generation HR management solution.

Solaforce HCM is an intuitive, easy to use cloud solution that provides world class service. As a highly scalable cloud service it will bring your employees together around the world.

No more complicated training, time consuming on-premises software updates or complex integration processes. The scalable platform guarantees needed capacity for demanding use in large organizations as a global cloud service.


All-in-one solution for large business

Solution for small business

All-in-one Human Capital Management solution from Solaforce

human capital management

A Human Capital Management solution that supports development and business growth

This next generation HCM solution can benefit your business by enabling efficient HR management. New technology, an easy to use user interface and information management merge together in Solaforce HCM. Learn more about this high performance cloud solution and its potential in your business.



Human Capital Management solution

A Human Capital Management solution born in the cloud

Our customers get the best user experience every day! Architected for scaling in the cloud from the ground up, Solaforce HCM performance won’t fall short even in the most demanding cases. This smart solution will help you to manage various HR activities from recruiting through the entire employment life cycle. Make your business strategy a part of everyday work with Solaforce HCM solution.



A Human Capital Management solution born in the cloud

Our customers invest in their business’s best asset: people

Solaforce HCM solution is built to satisfy all human resource needs in every business. Localization, high capacity and scalability makes it a winning solution for every company.



Solaforce HCM solution

Benefits of the Solaforce HCM

Suoritus Performance

Yhteistyo Collaboration

Palkitseminen Rewarding

Organisaatio Organization

Henkilot_vastakkaiset_varit People

Rekrytointi Recruiting

Raportit Analytics

Suunnittelu Planning

develope Development

Henkilot_taytetyt_reunat Admin



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