What are the HR trends in 2019? What makes employees tick?

According to analyst Josh Bersin employee experience, artificial intelligence (AI) and team productivity are blooming trends in HR. HR software is not only there to automate processes but more to increase productivity. Use of HR software should be compared to be as natural as sending emails and text messages as well as chatting and posting picture to various apps.

Employee experience is on the rise as new generations enter work life and use HR software to seek information. Marketing and sales have improved understanding of customer journey. The same way companies should develop an employee journey map to engage and motive desired employees and talents. A modern HR software can respond to this during the whole employment life cycle.

The importance of AI is gaining ground and modern HR units benefit it to monitor and audit the future. AI becomes a requirement more than just thing on the wish list. This area is still somewhat generally unknown in HR and it should be added to HR’s agenda.

Up-to-date data plays an important role for team productivity. Data should be centrally available, easily collected and shared. Today, thanks to cloud services also smaller companies can benefit from modern software. An agile, easy-to-use HR software is an integral part of the whole working environment.

How is your company going to meet the 2019 challenges and organize the HR function?

Jaana Sirkiä
Marketing and Communications Manager


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