There has been a lot of talk about AI that will change every aspect of how we work. What does it really mean in daily life of HR? How will technology change our working habits? What new it brings to people management?

AI provides multiple benefits to HR beginning from automatization of routine tasks. It can also provide support to onboarding and commitment processes as well as collecting important information from development and performance processes. Automated talent management adds general value to people management. AI can’t replace the human, but it can provide much needed data and information to support HR in many other aspects.

Endless opportunities and new ways to adapt

Predictive analyzes and AI are important part of modern HCM solution providing much needed support to both HR and management through better analytics. When the HCM solution uses all the available data to create customer and user specific notifications it also provides much needed information to support people management decisions. AI creates endless opportunities beginning from planning a new recruitment all the way through employment lifecycle. Many of the AI’s opportunities are still unrecognized as we are still trying to learn what can be achieved through it’s potential.

Create notifications to fulfill your needs

Every company has its own goals and needs. That’s why HCM solution should be modified to answer those questions and needs. What is one company’s main key figures may be less important to other companies. Therefore, AI features should be parametrized by users themselves. This gives the opportunities to companies to create indicators that are relevant and provide needed data to support people management processes. Read more how the next generation HCM solution brings AI together with your people management.

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