June 19, 2017
A modern HR software in the cloud creates organizational transparency

Has your company secured its competitiveness through an agile organization? Does your company have transparency to skills levels and development potential on unit and company levels? 

Mergers & acquisitions, fusions or other business re-structuring may change organizational structures or the structure of a whole company. A company’s strategic planning in rapidly changing working environment requires information about employees’ present skills and possible recruitment as well as development needs. Companies need to be able to make short- and long-term planning based on relevant information of the organization.

A modern cloud-based technology can collect, organize and analyze large amounts of information adding value to HR department and the whole organization. HR can be of genuine support to managers in gathering information and bearing fruit. Modern technology enables HR to augment its duties outside manual routine work and support the real time needs of business units. HR is able to create tools to managers to develop the business for example by career and successor planning.

In strategic planning it is easy to simulate the organizational structures to meet different scenarios. Bottle necks and open issues can be fast detected. Right people with right skills and potential are easy to find in a modern HR software.  HR department can create competence management strategies to meet the short and long-term company strategies.

Olli Hyppänen, COO, Solaforce


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