The whole organization benefits from a modern HR software which automates HR processes and offers self-service. How to succeed in selecting a completely new HR software or change an old, outdated to a new modern one?

What is needed?
Company strategy sets the basis for HR software specifications so that the software can be planned and configured to serve the company and business units the best possible way. When planning the specifications, the present and future needs should be reviewed: needed languages and scalability. Other important features that should be in line with company’s needs are holiday/vacation planning and people development features. Also as important features to most companies include predictive analytics and reporting that actually helps HR’s and managers’ workload.

Predictive analytics and dashboards to HR and managers
HR and manager dashboards provide easy and fast way to investigate company’s daily business. These dashboards make it easy to react into many issues for example multiple absences, expiring trainings and other important daily tasks.

User experience
Secure usability and fast functions are basic expectations for technical devices, appliances and software. This applies also to HR software. Different user profiles for managers and HR units are also part of modern applications. Mobile self-service 24/7 is a precondition.

When comparing different software, one basic criterion is the cost structure of the investment. HR software is easy to buy as a cloud service making it cost-effective and agile. Cloud service scales according to the company growth needs. Other important criteria are updates: Are the updates automatic or are separate paid consultants needed to install the up-dates.

The modern HR software automates processes, raises the level of commitment of the users frees up HR unit’s time to support businesses, creates cost savings and serves your organization also in the 2020’s.  Read more how to gain competitive edge with modern HR solution.

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