How to plan competencies and development to answer future needs of our organization? This is a key to lead successful people management in every level. Continuous changes need versatile solutions and tools to support these changes through the organization.

One central place to collect all people data including performance, development and competencies plans. In Solaforce HCM solution you can keep all your information and plans and use them to create analyses and future predictions of needed actions. In Solaforce HCM you find for example these features:

One central place to keep all your competencies and training information: Save and collect all information in one solution. Starting from all the plans and future needs of trainings all the way to automated notifications of certification expiration dates, Solaforce HCM supports all your people development processes in every level.

Every user can view their own data, apply to trainings that are available for them and create or comment their own development plans. HR can create reports and analytics to see how competencies are spread across the organization. Competence gaps, training needs and key talent mapping are all part of easy-to-use analytics.

All trainings in your HCM solution: Both internal and external trainings can be created, updated and managed in Solaforce HCM training feature. Various possibilities of training calendar include centralized participant handling, manager approval option and automated information saving after training. Make sure your people are on top the trainings all the time.

Analyze, plan and make sure you are ready for the future: When you have all the people development and competencies data in one place, HR can analyze information more thoroughly. Getting ready for changes is easier when you have HCM solution that backs up your needs of performance, development and competencies.

With Solaforce HCM you can plan for the future. Read more about Solaforce HCM features

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