HCM solution provides daily support for managers

Making it easy for managers to navigate through daily tasks is one of the most important features of modern HCM solution. Coherent management models, HR processes and many other features that make daily tasks run smoother should always be part of HCM solution. How well does your organization’s current solution answer to these needs?

Modern HCM solution adds automation to your processes and...

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Modern HCM solution benefits management in every level

How to support managers’ daily tasks? What kind benefits can be gained from the modern HCM solution in management decision making? Transparency, self-service and easy to use solution are key features when organization wants to take all advantages out of modern HCM solution.

With modern HCM solution you get better views of what’s happening. Extensive reporting and predictive analytics provide...

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Development and competencies as a part of HR solution

How to plan competencies and development to answer future needs of our organization? This is a key to lead successful people management in every level. Continuous changes need versatile solutions and tools to support these changes through the organization.

One central place to collect all people data including performance, development and competencies plans. In Solaforce HCM solution you can...

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Intelligent workspaces designed specially for managers and HR

How to lead your business with the latest and right information? How to support managers in their daily tasks and provide them the right analytics and reports that they need?

As a modern HRIS solution, Solaforce HCM solution provides the next level analytics and dashboards to help you lead with data. Intelligent workspaces are created specially to provide important information and collect the...

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Comprehensive training management as a part of HCM Solution

With Solaforce HCM solution you have comprehensive training management tool as a part of your HRIS solution. Automated workflows and features to get better insight of your organization’s training programs.

Both internal and external trainings can be handled in Solaforce training calendar. Give access to training providers, participant management and automated training history updates are all...

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HR supports strategic planning


HR supports strategic planning


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