What data does much spoken people analytics consist and how can HR utilize it? HR’s role has been shifting from traditional support function towards strategic business leadership. To support and take visible part of decision-making process HR needs the right tools to create genuinely relevant and interesting data.

These days the role of HR is to generate revenue, minimize expenses, mitigate risks, and execute strategic plans. These multiple roles create even greater need for real people analytics and automation. Everything that is related to people management is based on real, up-to-date data and combination of it to create useful people analytics.

When thinking of new and more modern HR solution it really does pay out to evaluate how much you could save and how it supports your organization’s needs in future. For example, automation and self-service are big changes that are re-shaping all business areas. Getting rid of manual work through automation and self-service creates time and costs savings as well provides even better look into organization’s data.

HR management has the key role to fully utilize the power of people analytics. To collect, combine and create relevant analytics you need all-in-one HCM solution that enables the full automation and self-service as well combines people analytics with AI. Now is the time for HR to really take the next leap and start wanting better tools to make bigger impact. Read more on how all-in-one HCM solution combines automation with real people analytics.

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