Decision based on wrong reasons

Customers are often saying they would like to acquire their HR solution together with other solutions.  An idea of getting multiple solutions from the same vendor is tempting. Only few realizes that this is one of the most common mistake one can do when selecting HR solution.

Specific needs and demanding users

Idea of acquiring multiple solutions from the same vendor is actually quite weird. When you think of it more closely you can see there aren’t that many connections between HR and other solutions. Yes, there are solutions which both storage information about employees and their performance. For example similarities between payroll and HR solutions (that are surprisingly often acquired together) are almost nonexisting. One is used by couple users while other is used by every person on company. And while one stores data of every payment paid to employee will the other solution contain all the information of employment history, performance, development and etc. Only thing common to these two solution is data about payments.

HR’s needs for solution are more specific than what they can seem at first look. This solution should be the most important tool of human capital management processes and provide continuous information to management team.

HR solution is key to success

All the personnel data together in one solution with real-time reporting is one of the key issues to make company success. Business strategy can be effectively brought part of everyday work through well working goal setting and performance management. HR solution is much more than just an employee register, it is important part of your business.

It is easier than ever to choose the right solution based on your needs. Well-made decision that is based on right reasons is part of business success.





Kokonaisvaltainen HR-järjestelmä







Kokonaisvaltainen HR-järjestelmä



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