What kind of challenges can HR be facing when the people management trends are settling to be part of everyday work and leadership?

Changes in the leadership are already seen in many organizations as the big HR trends have become part of everyday work. The biggest trends now include for example different way of thinking in every people related matter and hybrid work becoming the new normal. Also the drastic need for transparency and equality are rising to be the next big parts in every organization’s HR strategy.

Fast changes or slowly happening process modifications?

HR related changes are always a combination of slow process modifications and fast reactions to signals around us. One good example of current change is the need to add transparency and self-service through the employment lifecycle. The need for transparency is urgent but at the same time many organizations don’t have any solutions to provide employees access and transparency to their own employment related information. Or even if they have some solution and access to it, the systems are often so complicated to use that people can’t find the needed information without someone’s help.

In the modern HR solution, the user experience is one of the key features together with transparency and self-service. And when we say user experience, we really mean it. The best possible user experience for all is one of the key feature to get the best out of your HCM solution and it should really be for all users; employees, managers and HR. Create modern processes to support your organization’s growth with modern Solaforce HCM solution. Read more about our next generation HRSI solution.  

What are the key benefits when you have all your employment related data and processes in one HRIS solution? Better people management at every level, supporting managers work thoroughly and creating automation are couple examples how modern HCM solution benefits companies.

Old HR systems had many flaws that made using the system quite difficult and tricky. Often HR just had to settle with what they had and accept all the flaws. This is not a case with modern HCM solution. Features that make it possible to create versatile workflows and approval processes, automation and extensive reporting make it possible to get the best user experience in every day.

Supporting managers work in everyday with modern and capable HRIS solution creates benefits. With Solaforce workspaces manager can manage all team related daily tasks and activities in one central place without hassling around the solution.  Data stays up to date. With modern features manager has tools to follow performance and development discussion process easily.

Customizable automation, reporting and analytics features provide support to HR in the changing work environment. Clear process models that can be managed from the top level, routine tasks automation and better forecast into future are the core of modern HCM solution. When you combine all this with versatile features like customizable workflows and approval processes, various organization model opportunities and intuitive, easy to use user interface you have HCM solutions that is customized to answer your company’s needs. Read more about Solaforce HCM solution and how it answers to all modern HRIS needs.

Making it easy for managers to navigate through daily tasks is one of the most important features of modern HCM solution. Coherent management models, HR processes and many other features that make daily tasks run smoother should always be part of HCM solution. How well does your organization’s current solution answer to these needs?

Modern HCM solution adds automation to your processes and streamlines management through the whole organization. What are the key features that help you to manage your people data and provide the best tools for managers in every day?

The very first one is easy to use user interface that makes it possible for all the users to navigate in the solution. All data stays up-to-date, and managers have actually visibility into their team. Reporting and analytics are easier with current data.

Other key feature of modern HCM solution is possibility to make it work for your organization. In Solaforce, admin users have wide access to many modification settings and possibility to create processes to support their own business as well as possible. This is particularly helpful for managers because many HR related processes have typically been complicated and time consuming. With modern HCM solution your HR can create processes that actually support your managers’ daily tasks. Read more how modern Solaforce HCM solution can support your managers in every day.Modern, all-in-one Human Capital Management cloud solution

How to support managers’ daily tasks? What kind benefits can be gained from the modern HCM solution in management decision making? Transparency, self-service and easy to use solution are key features when organization wants to take all advantages out of modern HCM solution.

With modern HCM solution you get better views of what’s happening. Extensive reporting and predictive analytics provide deep insights into issues and opportunities that can be used in decision making and planning. Make decisions that are based in real information.

But how to make sure the data you are using stays up to date? Often the issue with people related information is that is constantly outdated. With modern HRIS solution all the needed users have access to their own information and can update needed data as soon as it is relevant. Not all data is open to changes or updates. People can make sure their trainings and certificates are up to date and managers have easy access to update many other information, HR can really trust their data and make predictions and planning based on it.

HCM solution makes it possible to add transparency, efficiency, and consistency of many processes. Automating old manual processes makes it possible to add the usage of the whole HCM solution. Not to forget attractive, intuitive, and easy to use user interface because we all know it, no one is using unusable software. Read more how modern Solaforce HCM solution can benefit your organizations planning and management.

How to plan competencies and development to answer future needs of our organization? This is a key to lead successful people management in every level. Continuous changes need versatile solutions and tools to support these changes through the organization.

One central place to collect all people data including performance, development and competencies plans. In Solaforce HCM solution you can keep all your information and plans and use them to create analyses and future predictions of needed actions. In Solaforce HCM you find for example these features:

One central place to keep all your competencies and training information: Save and collect all information in one solution. Starting from all the plans and future needs of trainings all the way to automated notifications of certification expiration dates, Solaforce HCM supports all your people development processes in every level.

Every user can view their own data, apply to trainings that are available for them and create or comment their own development plans. HR can create reports and analytics to see how competencies are spread across the organization. Competence gaps, training needs and key talent mapping are all part of easy-to-use analytics.

All trainings in your HCM solution: Both internal and external trainings can be created, updated and managed in Solaforce HCM training feature. Various possibilities of training calendar include centralized participant handling, manager approval option and automated information saving after training. Make sure your people are on top the trainings all the time.

Analyze, plan and make sure you are ready for the future: When you have all the people development and competencies data in one place, HR can analyze information more thoroughly. Getting ready for changes is easier when you have HCM solution that backs up your needs of performance, development and competencies.

With Solaforce HCM you can plan for the future. Read more about Solaforce HCM features

How to lead your business with the latest and right information? How to support managers in their daily tasks and provide them the right analytics and reports that they need?

As a modern HRIS solution, Solaforce HCM solution provides the next level analytics and dashboards to help you lead with data. Intelligent workspaces are created specially to provide important information and collect the main functionalities into one easy to access workspace. You can use the default ones or create a new personal one to match you needs.

Thought these intelligent workspace managers’ will find their key figures, the most used functions, and lots more new insights about their teams. They have been designed specially to support managers’ daily tasks.

For the HR there are multiple new features that provide information and insights to keep you on top of your business. All the data connects with automation to provide the next level user experience.

Read more about our Solaforce HCM solution.

With Solaforce HCM solution you have comprehensive training management tool as a part of your HRIS solution. Automated workflows and features to get better insight of your organization’s training programs.

Both internal and external trainings can be handled in Solaforce training calendar. Give access to training providers, participant management and automated training history updates are all connected in our training calendar. Plan and execute trainings as your organization needs.

Features to help you training management:

These many other features make Solaforce HCM training calendar a real winner for your organization’s development. Plan and execute as you really need!

What data does much spoken people analytics consist and how can HR utilize it? HR’s role has been shifting from traditional support function towards strategic business leadership. To support and take visible part of decision-making process HR needs the right tools to create genuinely relevant and interesting data.

These days the role of HR is to generate revenue, minimize expenses, mitigate risks, and execute strategic plans. These multiple roles create even greater need for real people analytics and automation. Everything that is related to people management is based on real, up-to-date data and combination of it to create useful people analytics.

When thinking of new and more modern HR solution it really does pay out to evaluate how much you could save and how it supports your organization’s needs in future. For example, automation and self-service are big changes that are re-shaping all business areas. Getting rid of manual work through automation and self-service creates time and costs savings as well provides even better look into organization’s data.

HR management has the key role to fully utilize the power of people analytics. To collect, combine and create relevant analytics you need all-in-one HCM solution that enables the full automation and self-service as well combines people analytics with AI. Now is the time for HR to really take the next leap and start wanting better tools to make bigger impact. Read more on how all-in-one HCM solution combines automation with real people analytics.

There has been a lot of talk about AI that will change every aspect of how we work. What does it really mean in daily life of HR? How will technology change our working habits? What new it brings to people management?

AI provides multiple benefits to HR beginning from automatization of routine tasks. It can also provide support to onboarding and commitment processes as well as collecting important information from development and performance processes. Automated talent management adds general value to people management. AI can’t replace the human, but it can provide much needed data and information to support HR in many other aspects.

Endless opportunities and new ways to adapt

Predictive analyzes and AI are important part of modern HCM solution providing much needed support to both HR and management through better analytics. When the HCM solution uses all the available data to create customer and user specific notifications it also provides much needed information to support people management decisions. AI creates endless opportunities beginning from planning a new recruitment all the way through employment lifecycle. Many of the AI’s opportunities are still unrecognized as we are still trying to learn what can be achieved through it’s potential.

Create notifications to fulfill your needs

Every company has its own goals and needs. That’s why HCM solution should be modified to answer those questions and needs. What is one company’s main key figures may be less important to other companies. Therefore, AI features should be parametrized by users themselves. This gives the opportunities to companies to create indicators that are relevant and provide needed data to support people management processes. Read more how the next generation HCM solution brings AI together with your people management.

The whole organization benefits from a modern HR software which automates HR processes and offers self-service. How to succeed in selecting a completely new HR software or change an old, outdated to a new modern one?

What is needed?
Company strategy sets the basis for HR software specifications so that the software can be planned and configured to serve the company and business units the best possible way. When planning the specifications, the present and future needs should be reviewed: needed languages and scalability. Other important features that should be in line with company’s needs are holiday/vacation planning and people development features. Also as important features to most companies include predictive analytics and reporting that actually helps HR’s and managers’ workload.

Predictive analytics and dashboards to HR and managers
HR and manager dashboards provide easy and fast way to investigate company’s daily business. These dashboards make it easy to react into many issues for example multiple absences, expiring trainings and other important daily tasks.

User experience
Secure usability and fast functions are basic expectations for technical devices, appliances and software. This applies also to HR software. Different user profiles for managers and HR units are also part of modern applications. Mobile self-service 24/7 is a precondition.

When comparing different software, one basic criterion is the cost structure of the investment. HR software is easy to buy as a cloud service making it cost-effective and agile. Cloud service scales according to the company growth needs. Other important criteria are updates: Are the updates automatic or are separate paid consultants needed to install the up-dates.

The modern HR software automates processes, raises the level of commitment of the users frees up HR unit’s time to support businesses, creates cost savings and serves your organization also in the 2020’s.  Read more how to gain competitive edge with modern HR solution.

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