There are multiple new features in hcm solutions that HR has been asking for a long time. Features likes succession management, organization changes and comprehensive reporting providing accurate information are features that bring company’s management to the next level.  

The most needed features – succession management and organization changes

Especially in larger companies’ succession management is a well needed feature that helps planning the future changes and make sure you have the best people in right jobs. New and improved hr solutions have this and easy to use organization changes tool included. Whether you are working on a small changes or turning the whole organization layout over you can start planning well ahead.

Reporting to match your needs

You can never have too comprehensive reporting system. But sometimes even the smallest reporting tasks are taking too much time. Reporting is one of the best new features that has taken giant leap forward. Different dashboards to provide the latest information and wide selection of ready to use reports with possibility to inspect any given value you need at the moment. From now on reporting is one of the easiest and fastest thing to do!








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