HR and analytics – what does it mean?

Management of business information plays a crucial role in securing competitiveness and development of a company. This means collecting, analyzing, evaluating and interpreting business related information. Ability to analytically examine information is needed for decision making, strategic leadership and organizational development. Analytics means examining numerical business data, searching...

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HR, routines and self-service – tools for managers

A modern HR software enables self-service

An HR professional can load the working day by filling in excel sheets, sending recurring emails and tracking latest versions. When one employee concentrates on a few tasks and the other on different tasks nobody knows the whole picture. If processes are not automated it is the HR department who carries out all the routines. It does not sound very...

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Tools for agile HR

Fast changes require agile actions

Fast changing environment, ways of working and evolving trends make it challenging to keep up with development. Prevailing trends in HR are digitalization, data-based reporting and analytics, growing importance of employee experience, well-being and managerial work. Is your organization able to work in an agile way and support your competitiveness to acquire...

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Digitalization and HR – are you ready for 2020?

How are the words ‘routines’- ‘machine learning’- ‘predictive intelligent analytics’ – ‘user experience’ and ‘HR’s added value to business’ connected?

Digitalization is commented everywhere. A good question to be asked is that what is the purpose of digitalization and what does it mean to HR? The purpose of digitalization is to raise the quality of work, efficiency and service level. In...

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HR – The digital service provider

Shift from an excel administrator to the real business partner

HR has access and needs to monitor a vast amount of data covering the whole employment life cycle from recruitment on off-boarding. HR serves the whole organization including a large scale of different tasks: HR supports employees and managers, answers daily HR-related questions, develops and maintains HR processes and tools. How...

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HR – Get rid of excel sheets


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